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Our client works for one of the most well-known food manufacturers in the UK with factories worldwide. They needed to relocate a system from one point in the factory to another, so needed a new platform design to support it and provide full operator and maintenance access.


We took the dimensions from the supplier drawings to allow us to accurately locate the points we needed to pick up on with our new platform design. We needed to be aware of any operational access such as opening panels, etc to ensure that they could still be opened when the new platform was installed around it.

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Kingston CAD created all manufacturing, technical and installation drawings so that the new platform design could be manufactured and installed with ease. 3D design allowed us to present the solution before it was manufactured.

Client comments:

Kingston CAD Solutions have worked on a number of projects for us and they have all been successfully installed. When we require additional mechanical design resource to help with mechanical design projects we use and would fully recommend Kingston CAD Solutions.

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