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A bespoke conveyor design was required by our client to divert aggregate product from an existing production line onto a new production line. The plant then had the ability to divert different products to different holding areas depending on the type of material order received.


The new conveyor design was required to transfer the products from A to B and needed to include a manually operated “plough” system to divert the products onto a third conveyor. The design needed to be modular for ease of installation and reduce down time during production and reduced shipping costs. The conveyor system was designed to meet full UK health and safety standards and provide full operational and maintenance access.

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We visited the production site to do a full site audit and determine the positions for the new conveyor system. We took measurements using laser measuring equipment and decided on where the conveyor would fit into the process. We then created an initial concept model using Solidworks Premium and returned to site to check initial design and measurements. The final conveyor design was then completed and all of the 2D manufacturing drawings created.

Client comments:

Kingston CAD Solutions can provide the whole package from start to finish as well as creating wonderful presentation documents, which really wow the customers. We have a long term partnership with Kingston CAD Solutions as they deliver top quality work with high end professionalism and in-depth engineering knowledge.

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bespoke conveyor design services