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BlokCam is a wireless system that can be quickly and easily deployed to the hook block of a crane. The sound and view from below the hook block is then transmitted and received wirelessly via the antenna systems to a screen in the cab. This allows the operator to see and hear the load and surroundings, giving an unobstructed, live, audio-visual feed of the critical areas that working blind would never allow.


The challenge with the product design of the BlokCam was trying to fit all of the electronic and magnetic components into the smallest body possible, while still making the product easy to assemble. We created a labyrinth seal, combined with a rubber gasket, to ensure that it could withstand all of the elements that it would be subjected to. We managed to arrange all of the components within a good size body and the product was developed further to see what we could improve. The BlokCam has now been through a development and testing stage, is now available to buy and is used all over the world, providing crane operators with “eyes and ears” on the ground.

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We produced a full 3D design for all of the components in the BlokCam range, advised on materials and finishes, provided STL files for 3D printing and produced manufacturing drawings with 3D CNC machining files. BlokCam also required a number of renderings for their new website which we were also able to provide.

Client comments:

We have worked with Kingston CAD Solutions to develop our industry-leading product. With their input we have not only made this a successful product, with regards to function and operation, but were also able to make this product look the best on the market with the aluminium finish and anodizing. A brilliant job by all involved at Kingston CAD Solutions and we look forward to developing further products with them in the future.

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