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Mechanical and Material Handling Design


A material handling system design was required to accumulate and stack multiples of 5 chassis on top of each other then return them to the conveyor for movement to another area of the factory.

mechanical and materials handling design uk
 bespoke mechanical and materials handling design


The bespoke design needed to be robust because of the nature of heavy equipment around the factory. Each chassis weighed 150kg, so the lifting system needed to be robust too. A scissor lift was placed within the conveyor so that when the chassis came to a point where a sensor detected them it was in position. Four centralising rams ensured the chassis was centered. The scissor lift then lifted the chassis up to a point where the pivoting pneumatically-controlled support system grabbed the underside of the conveyor. When the next chassis was lifted, it located into the chassis above and lifted up one position and the support system held the chassis. This was reapeated until there were five in the system, they were then all lowered and moved along the conveyor.


Kingston CAD Solutions fully designed the system, along with the conveyor system, to transport the accumulated chassis. All 3D modelling was completed and manufacturing drawings were produced. Laser profiles for ease of manufacture were also created. All drawings were supplied in PDF format and the assembly was manufactured and built. It is now fully installed and functioning.

mechanical and materials handling design uk

Client comments:

Another successful project for our partnership with Kingston CAD Solutions. Whatever the engineering challenge, Kingston CAD Solutions deliver every time.

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mechanical and materials handling design uk