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Our client manufactures pipework skids for drop-in installations on site. The pipework skids are fully manufactured and tested away from the site so that they can be dropped in place and fully installed with minimal disruption to the site.


Working from our client's P&ID (piping and instrumentation diagram) we designed the pipework to fit onto the skid and ensured that the connection points were terminating at the right position for when the skid is installed. We mounted all of the ancillary equipment onto a steelwork frame which we designed and conducted FEA on, to ensure that it was fit for purpose.

pipework systems design company
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Full 3D model, visualisations, manufacturing drawings of all of the pipework were supplied to our client, enabling them to reduce their manufacturing time and deliver the solution to their customer on time.

Client comments:

We have conducted a number of projects with Kingston CAD Solutions. They have helped us deliver our solutions on time and enabled us to provide our customers with the kind of engineering documentation they require.

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pipework systems design company