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The “Hooka” project was brought to us from a company who had identified a need for a small scale machine to transport loads of up to 1.5 tonnes around building sites.


We designed the Hooka to pick up any bulk material payload (pallets or 1 tonne bags), or pieces of plant of up to 1.5 tonnes. It then secures the load onto its bed using the patent pending ‘load lock’ system and transports it quickly and efficiently to exactly where it is required.

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From initial concept through to 3D modelling, manufacturing drawings, supplier sourcing, product animations and rendering, Kingston CAD Solutions provided the full package to Hook Up Solutions. All drawings (both in PDF and in 3D model format) are supplied to our clients.

Client comments:

Kingston CAD Solutions have been a “breath of fresh air” on this project. We would NOT have been able to get to where we have without Kingston CAD Solutions. The turnaround time and in-depth engineering knowledge have helped to create the successful product that we are now selling today. Many thanks for your professionalism during this project.

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beposke automotive and vehicle design