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This incline conveyor design was part of a full process designed by Kingston CAD Solutions. This conveyor design takes the product from a delivery chute into the final tote bin for processing on another line.


The conveyor design needed to take the product from low level up to the height of a tote bin to allow the product to fill the bin for further processing. Because the process was a wet process under trays were designed along with a drain off point to pump the water back into the process. Utilising an Intralox belt, we designed a support system to support the centre of the belt to prevent sagging under its own weight and the weight of the product.

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Starting from a blank sheet of paper, the design was modelled in 3D, all manufacturing drawings and laser-cut profiles were then created. All machining files were provided for CNC machining. This project was designed from beginning to end, along with specifying the drive and the belt for the process. This conveyor is installed and working in its intended process.

Client comments:

Kingston CAD Solutions conceptualized and designed the whole system in a timescale most other companies would have struggled with. We set them the challenge and they delivered.

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