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Special Purpose Machinery Design

special purpose machinery design company


Our client is a manufacturer of equipment for the food industry. They needed a special-purpose machine design which would take a batch of meat and portion it into exact 250g sections, to be packaged for sale at discount stores. It needed to be done in a safe manner with no exposed blades, etc.


We designed a tray at the start of the system so that the batch of meat could be easily poured onto the conveyor. At the start of the conveyor there is a levelling bar to ensure that the meat is at a certain height above the belt. The meat is then driven via a 3mm ploy belt under the safety guard and into the main body of the system, where there is a weight check weigh system. When the check weigh system measures the meat at 250g, a knife is activated to portion the meat at that position. The cut meat is then driven out of the system to a packaging area.

special purpose machinery design company
special purpose machinery design company


We generated the 3D models and manufacturing drawings for this machine design. The simple design means that there are fewer areas for hidden bacteria, making it a great system for the food industry. The company we worked with had developed some great clean methods for driving conveyor systems, which are fully water-resistant, making them easy to clean down.

Client comments:

Kingston CAD Solutions were able to design this system for us and create all of the associated manufacturing drawings and laser cut profiles. We would have no hesitation in using them again.

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special purpose machinery design company