Monkey Mill


product design for oil and gas


Monkey Mill came to us with a working prototype of their great idea which needed some refinement in terms of engineering and aesthetics. They had done a great job to get the product to where it was but needed some engineering input to create a more robustly engineered solution which could take the daily amount of stresses it would be subjected to. While the prototype was functional it also needed some aesthetic engineering in order to hide fixings and parts that were undesirable to be on show, and also needed some vibration and movement taking out of parts of the product when in use.


Kingston CAD Solutions re-designed the Monkey Mill from the ground up literally. We started with the frame and re-engineered it to be more robust using the latest FEA software. We redesigned the way the whole frame was fixed together so that all of the fixings were hidden and ensured that the new frame would be more stable than the prototype frame. The next problem to solve was the redesign of the hand grips and how they are rotated around the path. We needed to hold the bars in a robust manner so that they did not move when forces were applied, we also needed to keep cost and assembly in mind throughout the process. We worked with Monkey Mill to create a complete solution for all of the mechanics within the product. We worked closely with them to develop any areas which they had concerns with to deliver the finished product.

product design for oil and gas
product design for oil and gas


Kingston CAD Solutions modelled the full mechanical solution in 3D using Solidworks, we did all of the necessary development on the screen within the 3D package and created the full suite of manufacturing drawings, purchase parts reference drawings, laser cut profiles and assembly drawings. All of these were delivered to Monkey Mill on time and on budget to allow them to go to the next state of manufacture. Monkey Mill have also commissioned Kingston CAD Solutions to oversee the mechanical build of the product and provide support in these areas also.

Client comments:

We approached Kingston CAD Solutions to undertake a structural and mechanical re-design of Monkey Mill. With manufacturing taking place in the Far East, we needed to have full control of the design and be confident that we were taking a durable and safe product to the market. There were some challenging design issues to overcome along the way, and we are extremely pleased with the finished set of manufacturing information produced on time and on budget.

- Mike McKenna, Director

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