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Our client provides robotic design solutions for high tech companies in Silicon Valley in the USA and all over the world. They approached us to design a mounting and guarding system for a robotic arm which handles silicon chips.

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The design needed to fit within a defined footprint, have good access and be visible all round. We designed the containment using the MBS aluminium profile system and used machined aluminium tool plates to mount all of the robotics on to. Because some of the parts had vibration elements to them we had to mount them individually within the system, to ensure that the vibrations were not transferred to any other sections of the system requiring accurate placement.


We provided our client with a full 3D model and all associated manufacturing drawings. Because of our in depth experience using the MBS aluminium profile system, we were able to provide a full design to utilise all of the standard components. This included a full bill of materials part list, enabling our client to easily order the part anywhere in the world, closest to the installation site to save on shipping costs.

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Client comments:

This was the first system we worked with Kingston CAD Solutions on. The design process was so effective that we now use them to design all of our systems. Because we don’t have in-house design support it makes sense for us to partner with such a professional company.

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special purpose machinery design services