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special purpose machinery design company


As part of an existing installation within a packaging process, there was a problem with the cutters slicing the trays into their individual packaging sizes. Because the trays were struggling with traction on the existing systems they were stalling during the cutting process, resulting in uneven cuts.


We designed a solution to the problem which composed of multiple timing belts with a high traction surface being installed under the cutters. This allowed the trays to be fully driven through the cutting system in one continuous motion, meaning that the blade had to cut straight and did not wander – thus avoiding contamination.

special purpose machinery design company
special purpose machinery design company


We attended the site late at night when production had ramped down and measured all of the components around the area in question. We were then able to create an accurate 3D model to design our solution into. We presented the 3D model and created the manufacturing drawings so that the parts could be installed. A lot of adjustment was designed into the solution to give installation team some scope in fine tuning.

Client comments:

It was critical that this solution was defined and installed quickly, Kingston CAD Solutions worked the hours required with us to implement the solution quickly. The design succeeded and the problem was solved.

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