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A worldwide packaging supplier, who creates the artwork for many of the products you see on the shelves of well-known supermarkets, approached us for the bespoke bottle design of two plastic bottles for packaging sparkling mineral water, to be used in the European market.


Two bespoke product designs were required, one of which was for a general consumers and another which to be aimed at more of a sports market. We created the complex surface models using Solidworks for the bottle and provided 3D animations and renders of the finished products for manufacture. From this data we were able to output a 3D model so that the tooling could be accurately cut for the manufacturing process.

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bespoke product design company


We delivered all of the engineering information so that the tools could be made for the bottle and provided 3D visualisations, so that the labelling could be designed on an accurate depiction of the finished product.

Client comments:

We would like to thank Kingston CAD Solutions for the hard work and dedication shown during this process. The renders and animations which were created were well received at the presentation in Paris.

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