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product design for oil and gas


Our Client manufactures wellbore drilling tools for the oil and gas industry for use onshore and offshore worldwide. Initially this company purchased third party tools which it leased to oil and gas companies for drilling projects. It was important for them to start developing their own wellbore tools to maximise their profits within their business.


The tool was developed to enable pressure testing to be conducted on wellbore casings deep underground. The tool is mechanically set meaning that when it hits its location additional force is pushed down and the tool activates. The rubber packer element provides a water tight seal and the slips ensure that the tool does not move during the test as it grips the inner casing.

product design for oil and gas
product design for oil and gas


We delivered the full package for this project which included many concepts and meetings in the Middle East. We developed the final 3D model and created all of the manufacturing drawings and bill of materials to enable the tool to be manufactured.

Client comments:

This was a successful design process for us and hopefully the development of this tool will mean that we can have it in production within the coming months.

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