Platforms and Walkways Design


As part of a larger process, for which all of the equipment was designed by Kingston CAD Solutions, there was a requirement for a platform to be integrated into the system. This platform allowed operators and maintenance personnel to access the plant equipment and operate the system with ease.

platforms and walkways design
platforms and walkways design


The design of the platform integrated a conveyor system which fed into a grinding unit, both of which were supported by the structure of the platform. The grinder system then fed into a feeder system which in turn fed into a mixing hopper, all of which was mounted onto the platform. The mixing hoppers discharged into a a chute, mounted onto the bottom of the platform. The platform had two levels of operation, high and low. The lower access was via a staircase with the upper level accessed by a ladder, because of space restraints and less regular access .


Kingston CAD Solutions designed the full system from scratch in 3D, provided full FEA (finite element analysis) on the structure to prove it was fit for purpose and provided all of the manufacturing drawings to allow for the fabricators to manufacture the unit. The process is a newly patented way of processing an existing product. When they have perfected the process using the equipment designed by us, it will be featuring on a BBC documentary.

platforms and walkways design

Client comments:

This project was turned round in a really quick time due to a huge cost saving incentive to get this system in and running. Kingston CAD Solutions delivered a quality solution with great visuals throughout. So before the components were delivered, we knew what we were getting. A great job done by a professional company.

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