The “Rapidlift” was a design project brought to us by an innovative agriculture company. They previously had an industrial design produced for what the final product may have looked like, but it needed engineering and mechanical manufacturing drawings completing.

automotive and vehicle design
automotive and vehicle design


The design of the Rapidlift includes some rolled box section tube to give the nice curved look you seen on the design. We needed to ensure that the rams were fit for purpose and fully engaged / disengaged the legs into and out of work when the unit was operating. We needed to ensure that the wings would fold up, not foul each other and that the whole unit functioned as it should, before we committed to manufacture.


We needed to design the Rapidlift along the same lines as the industrial design which had previously been done, ensuring that everything could be manufactured within the agricultural company's factory. We specified the rams for lifting the side wings and did FEA analysis on the legs - which dig into the ground - to ensure that they would be fit for purpose. After some changes, the product was designed for manufacture, then manufacturing drawings were completed and delivered.

automotive and vehicle design

Client comments:

We found Kingston CAD Solutions while we were trying to find a company to take care of all of our engineering design needs. As we didn’t want the overheads of an engineering design department ourselves, it made sense to us to have a partner who takes care of that side of things for us, as the requirement is somewhat up and down. We are glad we found them as they have been an invaluable resource to us and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs an external engineering design department, or just needs someone to take on extra work when the internal department can't cope.

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