Mechanical and Material Handling Design


A requirement for a system which stacks plastic boxes of up to 20kg in weight was needed by our client. The boxes needed to be collated in batches of 3 and 4 and to be stacked onto a pallet in a certain orientation to interlock a pattern on the bins for additional stability when stacked. The gripper head could not exceed 85kg.

mechanical and materials handling design
mechanical and materials handling design


Kingston CAD Solutions designed the robot gripper head required to perform this operation. Within the design we utilised a pneumatically operated stability bar to lock the boxes in place during lifting. We also had to design (as part of the system) a lifting mechanism for the empty pallets which did not interfere with the lifting of the boxes.


Designed from a few ideas on a piece of paper into a fully functioning robot gripper system. Kingston CAD Solutions provided full 3D design services, 2D drawings, laser cutting profiles and machining files for CNC systems. With full manufacturing support, these gripper heads have been manufactured and are now in testing ready to build another 6 to use in production.

mechanical and materials handling design

Client comments:

We use Kingston CAD Solutions for all of our mechanical engineering design services. It makes sense for us to have a standalone mechanical engineering design department to cut down on our overheads. We would highly recommend Kingston CAD Solutions and the services they offer. This robot gripper project has been a great success for us.

This product was developed and used by Menzies.

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