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products design for oil and gas


Our client is a well-known company in the oil and gas sector. They have a number of existing tools which are currently in use in oil wells around the world. Our client came to us with a new idea for a scraper tool which scrapes and cleans the wellbore casings in live wells. We were asked to engineer the idea and some variants of this tool and produce all associated manufacturing drawings.


The design of main body needed to be easily machined and a method of activating the scrapers needed to be designed. The tool is designed to be able to be collapsed past any restriction in the well and scrape different diameter wellbore casings using the same tool. The challenge for this tool was to be able to effectively change the diameter of the tool from the surface of the well We also designed a feature into this design which meant the blades could be removed during maintenance without stripping down the tool. Our 3D systems allowed us to design and check that everything lined up correctly - which it did - and the design was released.

products design for oil and gas
products design for oil and gas


Kingston CAD Solutions produced the full mechanical design of the tool, all of the engineering drawings and also produced some tool renderings & animations for presentations the company wanted to make. During this project we also engineered some slight variations of the initial tool so it could operate with tool normally open and tool normally closed.

Client comments:

Kingston CAD Solutions have developed a number of tools for us now. Their attention to detail and the ability to visualise what we need - with little input from us - means that we can concentrate on other projects and trust Kingston CAD Solutions to deliver what we require. It's a great business partnership that we see lasting for many years.

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