Wellbore Scraper Tool

Oil and Gas Design

products design for oil and gas


Our client is a global wellbore tool manufacturer and required a tool which could perform a number of tasks on a single run for different casing sizes. The tooling needed to incorporate different cutting elements and an expanding rubber section to allow for pressure tests. The tool needed to be designed to withstand high pressure and temperatures in an unforgiving environment.


The tools needed to be designed so that they could be easily assembled and maintained in the field. The scraper system needed to be spring-loaded to apply pressure to the inside casing to ensure that the casing would be cleaned properly. We needed to develop a method of assembly and manufacture for the blades so that the wear parts could be easily replaced.

products design for oil and gas
products design for oil and gas


All 3D models were created and manufacturing drawings supplied to allow our client to manufacture the tools anywhere they wanted. Assembly manuals and procedures were also developed to supply the full solution to our client. These tools are now in use all over the world.

Client comments:

This was the first time we had anything designed using 3D systems and it has proved very helpful in visualising the solutions. We were able to showcase our product to our customers before manufacture.

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