mechanical handling system design

Hooka’s Lined Up – Bespoke Mechanical Handling System

After the successful launch of the “Hooka” mechanical handling system. Which was designed and developed by Kingston CAD Solutions for Hook Up Solutions Ltd we received a thank you note and this great image showing 7 units in various custom colours all lined up ready for delivery to new clients. 

The “Hooka” is a product designed for use within confined building site environments with limited access. Most building merchants will only drop building products at the roadside and builders / contractors then need to move the materials to where they will be used resulting in a lot of labour time and cost.

Because of the design of the “Hooka” customers are able to utilise this product to transport the materials up to 1.5 tonnes directly to where they are required on site.

This is one of our most successful engineering design projects to date, its success comes in large to the guys at Hook Up Solutions who we worked really well with. They knew what they wanted to achieve with this product but took on board all of our ideas to engineer the product and how it should look aesthetically while remaining mechanically sound.

Developed using Solidworks Premium the “Hooka” has a hydraulically driven track system similar to a tank to be able to handle the rough terrain of a building site.

The design also incorporates a bulldozer blade to move earth from in front of the tracks to enable it to get where it needs to go.

The “Hooka” also includes a patent pending “load lock” system which secures any load which the “Hooka” is transporting to allow the “Hooka” to take on the toughest of terrain.

Its size is designed to be no larger than a standard pallet so that it can easily transport a pallet full of bricks for example down the side of a house to reduce labour time and cost when building an extension or patio for example. 

This  project is one of the projects we are most proud of, we feel that the style and function of the product mean that it will be a tremendous success and feel that there is a real gap in the market for this product. 

If you are interested in purchasing the product then please call Hook Up Solutions directly on 01462 499 642