The Process

Meeting with KIngston CAD Solutions

mechanical and materials handling design uk

Initial Contact

You have come to the right place; let’s have an informal chat.

Discussion about project.

Initial brief discussion about the project, this is completely free of charge and to see if we are a good fit.

Define project limits / specification

Are you happy with the initial consultation? If yes, we will work together on the specification, price, and timescales. This will clearly define the expectations, enable us to manage the budget constraints (if any) and manage the project accordingly.

Delivery of quotation / timescale

A full quotation and timescale for delivery is provided and we move forward with the project.

Concept design

Each project is different. On some development projects where there is a requirement for investment in tooling, or products will be manufactured at high volume they may require some conceptual designs to decide the best route for the product.

Other complex solutions may also require a concept stage, while other other projects may not. It all depends on our clients requirements. We can discuss this with you as we progress.

Design Review / Development

After the concept has been agreed we start to develop. This is continuous until you are happy with the design. All our experience and skills go into this stage. We have vast knowledge of design for manufacture and want to keep manufacture costs low whilst developing a great looking product.

 bespoke mechanical and materials handling design
mechanical and materials handling design uk

Finalise Design

Everyone is happy with the design at the 3D stage, the complete design is finalised and it can be seen on screen (can animate working parts if needed). We now develop the manufacture drawings.

Manufacturing Drawings and Data Creation

We have generated the 3D model, completed all of the on-screen development and produced manufacturing drawings. All of the information you need to manufacture and assemble the product will be provided.

Renderings / Animations (if required)

Start selling your product whilst it is being manufactured. The visualisation of the final product is a great sales and marketing tool and you can start selling before manufacture.

Go to Manufacture

When you are ready we can help you to source suppliers for manufacturing your product. We have an extensive number of contacts in the engineering industry to help you with any process you may need to manufacture your product. We also fully support the design through to manufacture to ensure you don’t have to answer any technical engineering questions and the manufacturing phase runs smoothly.

Sell your product!


 bespoke mechanical and materials handling design